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WhatsApp Number Of Dubai
WhatsApp Number Of Dubai

WhatsApp Number Of Dubai, UAE Single Woman – This beautiful single woman is looking for a man who can keep her company and make her feel cherished in a long term relationship. A single lady, aged 39, she is seriously seeking a man who can fulfill her dreams. Pretty and sufficiently rich, she is just out to find love and happiness in an exciting relationship.

This lovely single lady is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her name is Michelle, She would first like to find out more about any interested single young men through online communication on WhatsApp, Skype video calls and direct phone calls before proceeding on dates. She has decided to make her WhatsApp number and direct phone contacts available for that sole purpose.

Brief Profile Of This Pretty Single Woman In Dubai, UAE
I am an outgoing person who can be shy or crazy depending on the people around me. Not vain but enjoy the finer things in life. Possess a heart of gold. Adventurous and love a hint of intrigue. I guess that sums me up, but the right guy would peel off hidden layers. Send me a message dear future man.

Her Ideal Man
A man not afraid to show his emotions. A man with love and affection in his heart. Someone who can handle his ego and know I can handle his baggage.

Want to get the WhatsApp numbers, phone contacts and possibly go on a beautiful date with this pretty, independent single woman in Dubai, UAE? Quickly reach out to her via the comment section, tell her why you think you are the perfect for her. She will be going through your comments and would contact you as soon as possible.

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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  1. Olamide says

    Good day dearies,
    It is indeed to be opportune to be among the list viewing your status, wow, sometimes many people don&#****;t believe that love still exist, and many afraid to express their feelings toward people they have feeling for and many even think that age serve as barrier that they can&#****;t date someone older than them. Well as for me love encompass every aspect of life, be it the race, colour, wealth status and the likes.. Well I wouldn&#****;t want to talk or write too much because if k didn&#****;t you might think I&#****;m sugarcoated mouth.. All I&#****;m requesting for just gimme that privilege to prove myself. And one more thing, to love is most difficult thing because the feeling as to be mutual and develop gradually.

  2. Selva says

    HI I am Selva my age **.i am in sharjah now. My phone number +************.i am ready to stay and meet with you. I am good in bed with love for you. My what s up number also same only

    1. Selva says

      Hi baby Michelle. How are you .I am Selva. Kindly reply me I am love with you. My phone number +************ and what s up number also

  3. Won says

    Dear Michele, l am happy to write you my interest to be your part of life. My name is wondu, am ** loving and caring man who have gone through many life challenges. Those experience might help you as life changing spices. Moreover, I am good in your requirements. If you want my cell no is +*** *********. Hoping to hear ASAP.

  4. John Louis says


  5. Jacob kantuwine says


  6. Daniel Adu says

    Am Daniel from Ghana and a professional nurse to. Am **yrs lovely,caring and also good in bed.
    Am ever ready to be with you when you accept me and to do anything for you. Am will stopped my profession to spend the hole rest of my life with you. I love you.

  7. Isaac says

    Your Comment, I need one lovely suger mummy I will meet or I talk to on phone&#****;.

  8. Seth says

    Hi sweetie, I am ever ready for you, I will treat you like an egg, I will let you be happiest woman in your life, and you never regret for choosing me.

  9. Jani says

    Hi this jani i am ready to working any one my age ** i am younger boy my hight *.* CM i am looking good **********.this my ******** number i am in Dubai i am waiting u r message

  10. Joseph says

    hi, i am joseph am ** years old , i have always wondered how emirates looks like, i am searching for my queen my ***** jrjoseph***@*****.com

  11. osawhiomo says

    i am extremely delighted discover your they say&#****; men move by what they see&#****; i. know beauty never sees of what&#****;s being you inside.i am not flattering you. you have a beautiful heart,because you are a virtue woman who let go of self disxrimination about color,ethnicity,religion. but seeking for true love.may your life continue to be bloom and resemble the beautiful woman God create you to be.
    as they say&#****; true love are someone good to like you for who you are,and not judging your look or background or where you came from&#****;
    YES! a man and woman without true is like sunless garden when the flowers are dead.but the conciousness of loving and being love bring warmth and happiness.
    i quickly recite my poem about true love.
    the embrace of meeting,
    with mature understanding
    that bring the intimate heart
    as ones,for better and worse.
    for being together with
    self sacrifice.
    when other turn away,always
    there for each other.
    i have always dreamt of becoming so close to someone special like you.who underatanding the meaning of true love.i imagine you,leaning your head on my shoulder,and looking at your pretty face,as you direct your beautiful to my heart.
    as they say&#****; true love is like a diamond difficult to find but hard to lose&#****;
    now,i have find you. will you opened the door of your that i can come in.
    i know words alone cannot express on true love.i have immeasureable passionate for your profile,and i want to plant a seed of relationship that can lead to marriage with you.until it ripening like a big tree that bring honest,loving,caring and self sacrifice,that will never fade,whither.where the cradle of true love was born,without betrayer,broken hearted and grief.
    if this opporrunity was giving to me.i am slave to the truth,nor master to lie,not as a result of self deception.i am hanging on the truth.
    from the depth of my heart.i promise to chase the rainbow of true love with matter the rage of storm.and cuddle up under the warmth of moonlight,as we both staring the star,and making a silent wish for each other.
    honest is my test of policy.i am not cook up tons of that you can accept me.i promise to treat you like a queen and respect your feeling and cherish you among other things money cannot secure or buy.
    i promise to give up my comfort for your sake,in term of stress,trouble hearted,pain and sorrow,and never to trade on your happiness with cyinical and despicable attitude.
    i want to paint the true picture about myself.i am osaw from nigeria.i am single and never married.i live a simple life with spartan of discipline.i dont smoke or drink alcoholic.i dont wpmanizer.i believe in one man and one woman uncondiirional love.
    i am opened minded and very emotional person,that hate to see people cried or sad,because my bodies and soul cannot take it.i love to put smile on people face.i am cheerful giver,in spite of i am downtrodden.i am versatile and goal getter person.i am good listener and love doing domestic work at home.i have the heart of gold and not judgemental person,because mistake has no master.i dont mortgage
    my conscience because og money,because i am.not money consciousness.whenever i am wrong.i admit my fault.immediately apologizer.
    i am a writer and sport consultant.i have written up to four romantic books unpublished,songs,poem and articles.
    are you on ******** add me (+*************)

  12. Jeffrey Vanwyk says

    Can i talk to you herrs my ******** direct number contact me that you +*** ** *** ****
    My name is Jeffrey

  13. Habtamu Mezgebu says

    Hi my name is Habtamu Mezgebu from Ethiopia and ** years old please contact me on whatAapp number is + ************ I need to live and love you upto my end of life okay and I am interested to career you as baby upto my end of life so please contact me my phone is ********** or my ***** account is habtamumezgebu*@*****.com

  14. Roland says

    Hello am from Cameroon but I live in Dubai,I don&#****;t now what to tell you but you need to understand that am I needs serious women who need a boy,am not too mush interest of what you we help me but your happiness this my ******** number **********

  15. mayor says


  16. Wizcrown says

    Hi, I need a sugar mummy right now

  17. Elias kibichii says

    am interested in you darling, get. e through+************

  18. Elias kibichii says

    love you so much

  19. BUSULWA FRED says

    Fred from kampala

  20. Bongene says

    Hey beautiful lady&#****;s I&#****;m still looking for any single mum how&#****;s available plz

  21. Lucky. says

    hi. my name is Lucky. my contact number is +*********** call or watsup.

  22. John Rodrigues says

    Hello dear , think is John Rodrigues, I am a straight forward, honest, faithful, romantic, loving , caring, understanding and a God fearing Christian, I am alone and down to earth, I am ready to relocate asap, I have a great sense of humour, I will always make you smile, after all your happiness is my greatest satisfaction, I have been searching for a serious life partner which is very difficult to find, I have been cheated several times
    Watts app + ** *** *** ****
    Hangouts johnrodrigues***@*****.com

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