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Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

This sugar mummy is a ready and willing sugar mummy. She is a currently separated 46 year old young woman seeking for long-term dating relationship. See below for her photo and details.

How she describes herself.
I am sorry but I am not attracted to Black guys, please don’t message it will be a waste of our times… Thank you:)

I am attracted to white guys, a scker for light eyes,and considering the fact that I am 5’9 barefoot a tall guy is desired. My ex was 50 years old I am looking for someone a bit closer to my age…

I work full time and have a 5 year old son, who is the love of my life!

I am not into quick hookups, nor long distance relationship because I am too touchy- feely and too affectionate for it.

I have been told that I am witty, smart and fun. I have a bit of a rebel side..LOL but at the same time I am the sweetest person you will meet, I am very considerate ( except when I am driving, get out of my way LOL)

If you like the typical black american woman, I am definitely not the one for you, I don’t speak think nor act the way they do, probably because I am Brazilian… different culture!

I am not Photogenic, I look better in person thats also what I have been told numerous time.

I have a pretty unique accent as well but that’s is my surprise weapon, considering everyone falls in love with it! LOL!

I am looking for
For starters how about tall and handsome?! lol, I am looking for?! someone kind, a gentleman yet I tend to like strong personality “dominant” masculine type, meaning I like to be the female in the relationship!

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  1. Ramin says

    H baby bilive me I&#****;m like you much and more you love my king you right he have faive old ooo my God I loved so much kids and really I&#****;m here tierd and now God give me best gift in the world meybe don&#****;t need you go work we start one good work for my king and more kids if you have but I don&#****;t know why don&#****;t like afrigha but don&#****;t worry where my love like and love I&#****;m live there Whit you forever

  2. Jason Dyer says

    i would love to know u very much but money is not all but if u would love to spend on me i will surely love for that to happen but all the time i spend on my ladies they never spend on me there r * request that i would love for u to do for me

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