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Elizabeth from South AfricaHi there, am Elizabeth from South Africa, and am searching for a sugar boy in Nigeria. One major reason WHY I absolutely love and adore Nigerians, especially the men, is because of their respect for Women.

After seeing relationships My friends have with Nigerian Men, and looking back to the crappy relationships I had with my fellow country guys, I think Nigerian Men are much more better for Me.

So am searching for a Nigerian guy, and he must be above 18 years, does not smoke.

Usually, am looking for casual fun and no strings attached relationship, were we both will have the fun of our life. I don’t want any drama with other Women threatening me on social media, so I want a guy who does not have any BabyMama problem. So if you want a relationship with me, you should please come clean.

Another thing, since am seriously looking for a guy to date and have fun with, I don’t entertain jokers at all, just want a serious guy before next weekend who can take care of me and show me love, and in return, I will spend my Money on him ravishing!

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

  1. Oliha innocent [email protected] says

    +*************, +*************, +*************.

    1. Ademola says

      I want you to call me on this number ***********

      1. Henry says

        Am Henry from Bayelsa state Nigeria. I love to settled down with u as my wife. Contact me if u interested in me, *************

    2. Lovett says

      Ok, here am I&#****;. ******** me at

  2. Rick says

    Watsap on***********

  3. Emma Emma says

    +*************&#****;..i have a huge dick

  4. Seth says

    This is my number+*************
    My ***** is kwasiagbofa**@*****.com
    I am Seth from Ghana

    1. JBLEND says

      Am Jonathan aka JBLEND
      No worries I have what u looking for

      1. Chris Swain says

        Goodmorning beautiful im Chris im at ***-***-**** no regrets lets chat

  5. Emmanuel Tarisai says

    ******** on ****. *** ***

  6. Muhammed says

    Hi how are you my name is Muhammed am live in Nigeria my age is **year please I need you in my life I want two be my love if you like call my number is ***********

  7. Ronny Gangadoo Tony says

    Hello my number *******

  8. Benedict says


  9. Martins says

    Am in need of u for better relationship..

    1. Kalondo ivan says

      i ĺove you calĺ me on +************, +************ kalondo ivan

  10. Omphile says

    Am aware of all the past experiences you had to encounter. Am willing to commit and make you happy. Allow me to make you happy and show you that real man still exist out there. Envy your friends NO MORE because it&#****;s all about to change. Your chance to be happy & feel needed. Call & ******** me here: +***********

    1. Mosho Emmanuel says

      I we do anything you want for you please call me ******** me on (+*************)

  11. Tundral says


  12. Ibrahim says

    I&#****;m Remy Ibrahim from Nigeria I&#****;m really good in bed I&#****;m a little bit adventurous call me on ***********

  13. Likhona says

    ********** I live in Easter cape

  14. Thomas says


  15. ernestoh says

    try another taste ***** [email protected]*****.com

  16. Alex says

    Your Comment honey I&#****;m ready to be yr sugar boy relax yr mind I&#****;m interested in you like seriously my is ***********

  17. Ifeanyi says

    Watsup call me ***********

  18. Ademola says

    **** *** ****

  19. Kenneth says

    Your Comment***********

  20. oliha innocent says

    Your Comment +*************, +*************, +*************.

  21. oliha innocent says

    Your Comment hello mummy, how are you doing sweetie. my name is oliha innocent, I am **years. I reside in Edo state. +*************, +*************, +***********.

    1. Sekani zulu says

      Am ** Zambian my wttsp+*************

  22. oliha innocent says

    Your Commenth hello mummy, my name is oliha innocent I live in Nigeria my age is ** years. please I want you to be my sweet sugar mummy. +*************, -*************, +*************.

  23. Sodiq says

    I&#****;m a good guy from west Africa I&#****;m also looking for a sugar mum to take care of me and I promise to make happy also

  24. skwati says

    hy i m Joseph from lenasia south of johannesburg my number is +***********

  25. Musi jeorese says

    Your Comment this is my wattsap number+***********

  26. Christopher Chris says

    Give me a chance you will never forget me
    My ******** contact check me +*************

  27. LuisGustavo bonilla says

    Hi this is my phone numbe********** call me at anytime you want

  28. oliha innocent says

    Your Commenth hello how are you doing tonight my name is oliha innocent I am a Nigerian **years. I am a musical artist a band leader. +*************, +*************, +*************. swaglee***@*****.com

  29. Christopher says

    I&#****;m Christopher you can reach me on my cell or text at ***-***-**** Whattsapp is same or ***** [email protected]*****.com look forward to talking to you!

  30. Okereke Emmanuel says

    Hi dear am perfect choose me here is my number *********** try me

  31. Chris says

    Hey beautiful promise you won&#****;t regret it ***-***-**** call me ..

  32. John Louis says

    My name is louis and my number is +************

  33. Joseph says

    wow I have been looking for a sugar mummy
    my number +************

  34. Jeffrey vanwyk says


  35. Henry Austine says

    My name is Henry&#****;
    I&#****;m **yrs, light dark in complexion, about *.**m tall, handsome, caring,sincere,committed, gentle but wild on the bed&#****;
    I like travelling in regards to my activity&#****;
    I reside in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria.
    I&#****;m building a career in becoming a professional golfer (Tour Pro),
    I&#****;m willing to relocate and I&#****;m capable of satisfying your wants&#****;. Call or ********. +*************,

  36. Joseph says

    Location :Lagos Nigeria

  37. Ugobest says

    Hi love i am bidam i will make happy and screen as never before i will make you proud and respect your wishis .

  38. Christopher says


  39. perseverance nyasha says

    i am perseverance or nyasha from zimbabwe my contacts is +************

  40. Wiseman says

    Hy beautiful i would like to spend my life with you

  41. Ugobest says

    Hi love i am bidam i will make happy and screen as never before i will make you proud and respect your wishis ,this my ***** address [email protected]*****.com,my ******** number ***********

  42. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hi dear Esther
    I have received your message from sugar****;.and said me that I need sugar boy comment, your number and I will contact you&#****;
    I am interested in you dear I would satisfy your needs which you want from me dear but you don&#****;t demand money and costly gifts why recently my financial situation is tight&#****;.
    My name Sagar Upadhyay
    My ******** number:: +************. ( India)

  43. Able says

    Call me ABLE, a DJ, read through your profile and I love it, +************* that&#****;s my ******** number. I believe we could build something big together, kindly contact me if you have the same feelings

  44. Mikairu Ahmed wisdom says

    wisdom, phone line +*************

  45. Chris says

    Hey here you are beautiful. ***** is [email protected]*****.com or [email protected]*****.com
    Call me Anytime at ***-***-**** Modesto .ca ***** look forward to us talking soon!

  46. Joachim says

    Name. Joachm amenidzi

  47. Enoch Osei says

    Hi mummy Elizabeth,
    How are you doing please, my full name is Appiah Enoch Osei Frimpong and am from Ghana and am ever ready to be with you mummy , please mummy kindly call me or ******** me +************ and you can also ***** me at enochosei**@*****. com, mummy I can&#****;t wait to be with you mummy Elizabeth and I will be very happy to hear from you mummy. Kiss kiss

  48. Don mine says

    name. Don mi

  49. Francis James says

    It is a great pleasure to meet with you here and you are welcome here is my contact +*********** or you can ******** me on my same contact number or you can please find me on my ******** page

  50. Francis James says

    If you are interested in me you can please ADD me on my ******** PAGE ,MESSANGER

  51. Don mine says

    Done is here with

  52. Lewis says

    Hi dear,wanna have some fun??get on here lets get funky&#****;.
    +************* that my digit
    ***** me.. [email protected]****.com

  53. Don mine says

    Hi Esther I&#****;m the one you said I should drop my contacts. ***********

  54. Samuel says


  55. Ajayi augustine ojo says

    Your Comment Am ajayi augustine ojo,+*************

  56. CLEVER says


  57. Victor says

    I&#****;m interested my contact is ***********


    I Am a gud handsome X-tian Man , I have abilities to make you stay happy always feeling so satisfied as a real normal Lady . If Interested +*** *** *** *** .

  59. Pullela Chandra Mohan says

    Hai my name is Pullela Chandra Mohan and my ******** no is **********call me I will give you a answer to you my dear sweetheart

  60. Ebenezer says

    Here is my number&#****;&#****; ***********
    You would never regret getting to know me

  61. awah fredo says


  62. sky eagle says

    Hi not negerian but if we talking respect and love&#****;i think philippines is the most&#****;this is my ******** # +************

  63. Nnamanigodwin says

    Hi my ******** messenger account number ***********

  64. brandon berinyuy says

    hello Esther my name is brandon if you really want to be in relationship then I can&#****;t accept your friend request I have been searching but am not seein any now today you have just make me happy about it ******** number lest talk more thanks +************

  65. Nnamanigodwin says


  66. Mvelo Tuswa says

    Hey Esther here are my contact details +***********

  67. Ali IFeanyi says

    I don&#****;t know how to contact you but u can contact me me on ******** +************* but I will like to met you am God fering man never have a bad Ialways take some one the way I take my self happy all day never to disturb contact me we may talk more

  68. Joshua says

    Hello sweet, am josh from Nigeria, here&#****;s my contact: +**************

  69. Mayor says


  70. Chomsky says

    Am already +*********

  71. David Abbey says

    NAME : Prince David

    Number : +************

  72. Reynanabustan says

    This is my number ***********

  73. Azad says

    Interested my no **********

  74. Blaise koni says


  75. Michael says

    Hi Elizabeth my name Michael shibambo my contract +***********

  76. Michael says

    Hi Elizabeth my name Michael shibambo my contract +*********** I want to be with you

  77. Michael says

    Hi Elizabeth my name Michael shibambo my contract +*********** I want to be with you let&#****;s meet soon my love to get married

  78. Michael says

    Hi Elizabeth my name Michael shibambo my contract +*********** I want to be with you let&#****;s meet soon my love to get married am single never married before

  79. Sika Morgan says

    +*** **********

  80. Daniel Chiobiokolo says


  81. Matthew says

    my name is matthewedmond, and my num. is +*************

  82. Ahmed wisdom says

    Ahmed wisdom ±*************

  83. Karabo says


  84. zalwa swammit says

    heello with good smil am here intrestedon you am zalwa swammit fom uganda kampala call me on *************

  85. Sheriff says

    Here is my number *********** also my whatapps number

  86. oliha innocent says

    My name is oliha innocent, +*************, +*************, +*************. ***** address, swaglee***@*****.com

  87. Joel says

    baby I need you I an very simple an easy going I an ** this my number +*************

  88. Awofolaji Akeem Ope says

    Hakeem +************* ******** number +*************

  89. Dominic says

    Hi sweet heart! im Domin A Domin my ******** account, whatsap +************ I love you.

  90. 2347069246996 says

    am sherif by name am from Nigeria am lovely and caring handsome man and I want a relationship that will lead to marriage am very serious type I can&#****;t start what I won&#****;t finish this my ******** number +*************

  91. kumbirai chipunza says

    +************ can u gt in touch &#****;im a humble nice young boy&#****;.come to my wats appp….I promise to be the perfect on&#****;

  92. free says

    i am ** years old
    my ******** number is : ***************

  93. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hi dear dear, I have got your message second time., I would cherish you&#****;. So much&#****; I have waited you on ******** dear&#****; I always respect you so much dear&#****;. I am from in India&#****;
    Nigerian person respect you.. Such way I respect you&#****;. I said you before&#****;. U don&#****;t demand money & costly things why recently my financial condition is tight and weak.. I don&#****;t have parents&#****; I am student in Engineering college&#****; I have grand parents who is aged so I don&#****;t give them much burdened, other reason Engineering subject hard so I don&#****;t do pari- time job&#****; My high school teachers have a better persons who they have contributed me financially means they have studied me in Engineering college&#****;.. I love & like you so much dear&#****;. U can understand my situation and feelings&#****;. I would satisfy your needs in bed dear which you want from me&#****; I want to spend my rest of life with you dear&#****; I handle you dear&#****; If you want me, we enjoy our rest of life together&#****; I don&#****;t hurt you, don&#****;t down you, don&#****;t disappoint you, don&#****;t betray you&#****;. I love you during the life time&#****; If you want me, I kiss your warm lips, hugs and cuddle you whole night&#****;. I don&#****;t leave you from me.. We enjoy till morning and I don&#****;t leave you whole you&#****;.
    ##My ******** number+************&#****;.
    ##My ***** address
    I tell you my other information next message you.
    Yours failfully,

  94. Daglas Makokha says

    Hi I&#****;m daglas i am available younger boy ** years old and i am writing this message to you please consider me and you will never regret this. my phone number is ±************ or +***********

  95. Daglas Makokha says

    Hi my dear sweet i am daglas twenty seven years old I&#****;m writing this letter to you and I will love you too much also I am Christian please when you get this message please call me to this number plus nine seven four seven seven nine six three nine one four

  96. Obafemi says

    Hi my name is Obafemi temitope.
    No:+*** *** *** ****

  97. Obafemi says

    Hi!! I am obafemi,am interested in her.
    These my contact +*************

  98. Masbahuddin yasin says

    I hoped to see you
    Hi I love my no *************
    You can call me any time
    We will be happy forever
    True relationshop

  99. Nasiru Ahmed says


  100. Joseph says

    I I am Joseph, I don&#****;t even have a girl friend talk more baby mama.I am free and this is my number: ***********

  101. joseph says


  102. Wiiz says

    +*********** Mali

  103. Willard Majoni Manyanda says


  104. michael shibambo says

    Hi add me ******** **********

  105. Folly Piet says

    Hi I&#****;m Folly call me on this number **********

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