Rich Baby Mama Sent You Her Phone Number

Rich Baby Mama
Rich Baby Mama

A rich baby mama is currently looking for a hot, naughty, gigantic and energetic guy who is passionate, romantic and affectionate to be her boyfriend and lover.

She does not care about the continent or country you come from, the language you speak, what you do for a living, your race, religion or culture. All this rich baby mama wants is a caring person to make her feel loved, special and appreciated.

This is the message rich baby mama sent us….

Hello there, my name is Grace and I am a talented model and creative fashion designer in her late 20s. I love to meet people and make new friends. I love to explore and learn new things. I can sing, dance, cook, play and I joke a lot.

I want to be happy all the time, that’s why am looking for a man who knows the worth and value of having a good woman by his side. This rich baby mama wants someone who won’t mistreat or hurt her in anyway, be it with actions or with words.

Rich baby mama further said; she needs an honest young man, who is fun to be with, open-minded, high-spirited, lively and funny. A serious-minded person who knows what he wants in life, someone I could share my world with, a caring and understanding man who would love me for who I am and make me part and parcel of his life.

I am a woman of protocol and wouldn’t tolerant any form of delay, disrespect or disloyalty from her man. Rich baby mama says she needs someone who can detect what a woman needs or wants at any given time, a man who knows the true meaning of love making, romance and hot sex.

This rich baby mama is ready to spend and take care of the chosen young man who will be willing to be hers alone, thrill her romantically and satisfy her sexually anytime and anywhere she is in need of it.

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  1. Medy says

    am looking for serious sugarmummy for details about me contact me through my ******** number +************ or ***** me goldmanmeadduir***@*****.com

  2. Michael says

    Hi my love u want to marry me if yes contact me here +*********** am from south Africa

  3. John says

    I know the value of what I want you are beautiful and exactly what I need promise to run along with you and to stay by you always

  4. Norbert says

    hello my Dear Grace!!! my name is Norbert, I&#****;m Rwandan man anyway I&#****;m ready to be a sugar boy and always to be with you and enjoying your life together,,, Mr Grace if you want to be your sugar boy please text me on my ******** number +************ or my ***** address :[email protected]*****.com

  5. Ali says

    I&#****;m ** years old and ************** my ******** number contact me. I think I&#****;ll love you till my last breath. Love. I&#****;ll be cear of you and your self .i want to make relationship with you

  6. Sammy says

    Hi am Sammy from Ghana and am ** looking for a sugar mummy who need care and love. I am not in for the money but for care, love and respect. You can pay me later.
    My ******** is +************ let&#****;s chat and you&#****;ll never regret meeting Sammy

  7. Prince Solomon says


  8. raffy dapuran says


    my life is not totally happy  because i dont have a partner in my life for a long time. I stand on my own feet separately  from my family since at my age of **. Im currently working as a service crew here at a mall for five years..

    this is REALTALK,&#****;Im willing and Im ready for a commitment/relationship. im willing to go and stay at your side forever
    (if you only given me a chance to show and to prove it to you)

    I want to change my life together with you. thats why I&#****;m here looking for someone special sugarmummy.I have never experienced traveling abroad. I also do not experience going to a beach, nor going hiking, and other great things to do like others do and much more.

    but i want to do that great things,-together with you

    and start building our dreams together

    I also have a attitude like others that you are looking for a man, not just me is the luxury of life.
    i also have a sense of humor, if you willing to get to know me😉

    and if I&#****;m lucky to be able to deal with the sugarmmumy that for me,I would love it with all my heart. i will treat you/her not only as my sugarmummy but my BEST FRIEND, my PARTNER, my WOMAN, my SPECIAL SOMEONE, my QUEEN and above all my long as you can accept me in your life for who i am and what i am,- i will never ever change my feelings to you babe
    (marked it on the rock My Love)

    I&#****;ll do everything just to make you happy. and I know that you can take care of me.  and I promise you that you are the only one in my heart and my life and lastly I will dedicate all my time to you with full of memories, love and happiness..

    &#****;SO PLEASE BE MINE&#****; you will not be blamed if I become your sugarbaby / boy😊

    my name is RAFFY M. DAPURAN
    and i leave here in a small country PHILIPPINES
    im ** years of age
    my skin is brown
    my hair is black
    my body is slim, skinny like
    my height is *&#****;* i guess🤔

    ******** : +************
    phone number : +************
    e-add : raffydapuran**@*****.com

    take care always❤️

  9. John says

    Hi I&#****;m John from South Africa please to meet you my contact is +*********** u can keep your money as long as I can get u to satisfy all your needs

  10. Teri Scott says

    Nice looking babe

  11. Teri Scott says


  12. Emma says

    Thanks For Your Acceptance ,am Truely Glad That I Will Do My Best To Keep You Happy Till The Rest Of My Breath , +************;



    thats My Number

  13. loverboy4sm says

    hi pretty lady am fun to be with no regrets if you can give me a try there will no be problem it not me being proud but it what I know. let me be your guest.

  14. lloyd says

    my queen how are you I&#****;m ready to satisfy your needs and I promise to be always on your side my ******** number is +************ or ***** on [email protected]*****.com

  15. Xolani Mokhuabani says

    hi am Xolani l will do anything you want at anytime call me on **********

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