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sugar mummy
sugar mummy

Hi dear, I saw that you have interest on me as your sugar mummy, no worry i have communicate with the head admin fo the sugar mummy, for you to be connected to me direct, am 35 years old lady with one daughter also am a single mother, i have a message for you CHECK INBOX

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

  1. oteri Joseph says

    Good morning dear
    My name is Joseph from Suleja city of Abuja&#****;s
    am a Yoruba guys and also a Christian guys
    am just **yrs old&#****;if you don&#****;t minds
    ******** me or call me=***********

  2. David Abbey says

    I now have a reason to love my life because it lead me to you sugar and that is the best thing that happened in my life. glad to know u add me on hangout Daddylovely**@*****.com or **** me&#****;..

  3. Tsietsi France says

    Hi Debby am interested in been your loving soul am humble,jovial, supportive,fun,honest,kind hearted,loving and caring am France from South Africa **years of age ******** on +*********** or add me on ******** by the name of Tsietsi Druzer Francisis

  4. Henry Austine says

    My name is Henry&#****;
    I&#****;m **yrs, light dark in complexion, about *.**m tall, handsome, caring,sincere,committed, gentle but wild on the bed&#****;
    I like travelling in regards to my activity&#****;
    I reside in Port Harcourt City, Nigeria.
    I&#****;m building a career in becoming a professional golfer (Tour Pro),
    I&#****;m willing to relocate and I&#****;m capable of satisfying your wants&#****;. Call or ********. +*************,

  5. M Tiru dev says

    Hi I&#****;m Indian thank you for accepting but pl give me ur FB page and whatsaap no so that we chat directly I can&#****;t understand to chat through the this process

  6. Erick Olwenyi says

    Your Comment OK my no is +************

  7. Samson says

    Am interest

  8. Isaac yaawa says

    Hi,my name is Isaac from Ghana. Am ** years of age.Am a final year student in high school.I am happy to see your messag,infant you are so beutiful .Am respectful,handsome, and hardworking but am poor in finacial.I will be happy if you accept me.Today, to find a good man is very difficult.you have to choose someone who will love and surpport you in everything.Not someone who love you because of your money and what you have.you need to choose the right person,someone who will always stand by you.please this is my ******** contact number ************

  9. larrycrown says
  10. Sagar Upadhyay says

    Hi dear debby, I have got your message dear?.. Iam intrested in you. I am from India, Gujarat state and district.. Botad.. Near Ahmedabad&#****; Rampur town.
    I understand your situation and feelings with out husband&#****; Why I don&#****;t have parents and siblings&#****; I accept you & your daughter. We stay together if you want me. I am god fear, honest, loyal, trustworthiness, caring, loving, faithful, good sense of humor, kind hearted, open minded person who love you so much dear. I salute you dear you take care your daughter alone. I give your daughter Father&#****;s love & we love each other&#****; I would satisfy your needs in bed&#****; Which want from from me&#****; I am comfortable doing well with you.. U don&#****;t lose your courage and strength during the life time.. I always with you. I will satisfy you physically.. U want me till we laying in bed.., so you feel perfectly satisfy from me. We offer brother hour daughter&#****; So she feel a better for new kid.
    U message me on ******** or ***** address..,
    # ******** number +************&#****;.
    My ***** address
    Yours truly? dear
    Sagar Upadhyay
    Mar *,****
    I don&#****;t have website recently&#****;

  11. Sam says

    I&#****;m really interested

  12. Huzefa says

    Hello dear suger mummy am interested with your proposal please hook me up if possible for you then am from India and am ** years old and am very honest and hardworking man please message me on my ******** number+*********** I will be waiting for your reply dear bye have a nice day

  13. Usman Amadu says

    Well i don&#****;t have anything to say now I will be waiting for you anytime

    1. Okoh Chima says

      Please help me to get the

  14. Oladimeji says

    Hi dear debby, I have got your message dear?.. Iam intrested in you. I am from ibadan Nigeria a
    I understand your situation and feelings with out husband&#****; Why I don&#****;t have parents and siblings&#****; I accept you & your daughter. We stay together if you want me. I am god fear, honest, loyal, trustworthiness, caring, loving, faithful, good sense of humor, kind hearted, open minded person who love you so much dear. I salute you dear you take care your daughter alone your also reach me +**************

  15. Adeola Prince A says

    OK my sweet sugar mummy I love you am a single guy from Nigeria I live in Lagos ******** me on +************* to chat an get connected I love you baby

  16. Ugobest says

    Hi pretty debby how is your day going ,i am ugobest from nigeria you have been the mama of my dreem i will be loyal to you call me +*************.

  17. Francis James says

    Nice to meet with you here i am so much interested in you and i am ready to meet with you and this is my contact number +*********** or you can ******** me on my same contact number

  18. Francis James says

    You look so sweet and beautiful a sweet and lovely woman like you deserve to have a handsome man like me

  19. Br7 says

    Hi dear, my name&#****;s Bright, I&#****;m a very cool and sweet sugar boy you&#****;ll really love to be with,in shot I&#****;m you&#****;ll love to have, tall,healthy and a strong young man. Contact me with +************* that&#****;s if I&#****;m needed.

  20. dembo jobarteh says

    my dear am very much Happy about your message and I promise I will make it up to you. I want you and I to chat and see the way forward for us all.am reachable on ******** +********** so please call me.

  21. Akabueze Stephen says

    my Step hen from Nigeria pls I love you beautiful and sweet pls call me on+************* thanks

  22. Steven says

    My name okere chinatu living in Port Harcourt ** of age chocolate in colou average in hight hubby football game and reading occupation public service my contact number is ***********

  23. SAMOO BADMOS says

    Hello I&#****;m SAMOO BADMOS from Lagos Nigeria searching for lovely and caring sugar mummy. I love to be with sugar mummy and I promise to satisfy any sugar mummy that accepts my request to love her **% of love and care for her and she is going to enjoy love and romantic life and never forget the time speed in bed with me. I don&#****;t mind any were in the world in Europe and America so this is my ******** number +************* thanks. To inform you that I&#****;m strong enough to satisfy any sugar mummy in any part of this world and I don&#****;t mind to relocate with you in any country of my dreams. There is future ahead.

  24. yami says

    add me i am from addis ** yrs ols

  25. yami says

    +************ my ******** & telgeram number

  26. dembo jobarteh says

    waiting for your call my dear . I am very much interested in you too.+********** as ******** so we can talk

  27. Olawale Ogunneye says

    Hello Mummy Debby,
    My name is olawale, a Nigerian resident in Lagos, dark in complexion and about *.**m tall, witty & humorous, non-smoker, neither do drugs nor take alcoholic beverages. I am very open-minded, vibrant, cool-headed, humane and altruistic.
    My hobbies include: reading, swimming, watching football, travelling, listening to cool & inspiring musics.

    However, i want to assure you that your emotional & ***ual satisfactions, affections, love and caring for you would be my utmost desires and effortlessly accomplished.
    I am very active in bedmatics, virile, strong and reliable to give you unprecedented enjoyment, pleasures through through ***ual orgasm and would be available whenever and wherever my services are needed b&#****;cos i shall always be at your beck & call to give you the desired pleasure.

    Her is my detail should you require my esteemed services.
    Name: olawale ogunneye
    Phone: +*************
    *****: [email protected]*****.com

  28. Zavier says

    Hello dear ,I am looking for mummy to show her the love she desrves as a woman .i an a cameroonian

  29. yomi says

    i can show not tell you ******** me +************

  30. Karim promise says

    ******** me on ********** am interested in you

  31. Johannes says

    Hi am Johannes I like to date sugar mommy am in Pretoria

  32. Shervin says

    Am ** year old boy plz call me +************

  33. Joel Johnson says

    Am very much interested and I also need a mummy please this is my phone number *********** and is the same number am using for ********&#****;. I will be waiting for ur call

  34. hamza says

    Vivian how is you? I saw you are more beautiful my size. I like you dear!!

  35. Mark says

    I need a sugar mummy my name is Mark from port Harcourt am ** yrs old I am searching for love and care here is my number +*************

  36. Ezekiel says

    Hi Bby I Want To Be Ur Love

  37. mayor says


  38. Huzefa Mithaiwala says

    Please dear message me on my ******** number+***********

  39. Farai Mutsunguma says

    Hi beautiful lady I love you and I promise to love you the rest of my life if you can give me chance to love. I’m ** years old humble and trustworthy always open.

  40. Adeola says

    I can be yours my contact or ******** +************

  41. Derrick Mawanda says

    I&#****;m interested in you,en I like everything on you.

  42. Appiah Sarpong says

    I am Appiah, twenty five years from Ghana. Let&#****;s please begin chatting and see where we&#****;re gonna head.
    My google **** address is gitotk*@*****.com (gitotkone, where &#****;one&#****; is a number), my ******** &#****;Akwadaa Bone&#****;, and ******** plus two three three five four five two one two five zero four. Eager to hear from you darling!

  43. Opokubismark says

    Hello,my name is Opoku Bismark am from Ghana am ** years of age and I need to chat with you so please can i get your number or ******** number so that i can message you there or if you have ***** account you it to me&#****;..This is my ***** address you can add me there and talk more there and share pictures too opokubismark****@*****.com is my ***** address

  44. Maxwell says

    Hi I&#****;m Maxwell I&#****;m **years old my contact is +*********** I&#****;m interested in you plyz may I have your contact

  45. Jafari says

    Your Comment I need you so please accept me babe +************

  46. Moses olajide says

    Good evening dear I saw your message and I think you are good wife and I will give you my number +***-********** and +***-********** and ******** number is +***-**********

  47. Derbew Tadesse says

    i am Derbew Tadsse ** young men

  48. Lucky says

    hi. my name is Lucky. my contact number is +*********** call or watsup.

  49. OBEN HARRISON says

    hi love I am interested I love u and your beauty pls give me your attention I am a very calm person humble and cool pls I will show u care petteing u all day here is my ******** contact +************ pls writer me on ******** or call pls sent me yours I love and i will be waiting

  50. Anonymous says

    Try me on+** ** *** **** action will tell u more

  51. Godwin Nathaniel says

    please add me on ******** so we can talk with this number+*************

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