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Meet Sugar Mummy – A Sugar Mummy in Washington, United States is available for a date now. She have submitted her request on other dating sites and per our commitment to our users, we are also dropping her request here to enable her meet the lucky man. Each time a Sugar Mummy needs a man, they always make choices and a lucky man is been picked.

Meet Sugar Mummy
I am an easy going woman, white have never been a race to shy about, rather most people from different part of the world admire us and are learning from our ways. Although i am not trying to say we are the best but we have never been taken aback in anything involving technology, lifestyle, love and so on.

My name is Basara Beasca, an older woman from Vancouver, Washington, United States. Though i am divorced due to some certain reasons beyond control, i have kids who i have nurtured and taken care of all by myself. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed not withstanding the setback one gets in this pursuit. I do not want to be married again and this time, i just want a man to date without having too many strings attached.

Bitter experiences can always lead to divorce and that i got in my past marriage life and i wont be going into that anymore. I know much about dating as i have always been someone who does fall in love over and over again. I know exactly what most men want but some just want much and do not want to maintain a faithful relationship, one at a time.

This is why i am looking for a man who can be satisfying, very active and at the same time can go one at a time. Not trying to play smart by having so many other women in his life.

A caring man, can understand and live with kids who ain’t biologically his own kids and be able to tolerate them in all aspects. I’m not saying he must be perfect but be cool headed and willing to follow my principles.

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Avoid any one who call you or email you that that he can give u sugarmummy, and try to exact money from u in any means, dey are scammer

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  2. Paul mensah says

    I am young ** years old boy looking for relationship

    1. Dela says

      Thanks this my number ********** Dela

  3. Patrick says

    Hello gorgeous & welcome XOXO 😘

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  5. Huzefa Mithaiwala says

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  6. Pancozeil says

    Am ** years old from Ebonyi state Nigeria, am single with good heart as people would say I make friends day by day but still unable to find love I saw this blog as I was searching on ********, so I now decided to know if it could be a dream come true am looking for a lady with good heart, loving and caring and I promise to be the best to her to give her joy,happiness and love if there is any contact me with my number on ******** (+*************)or you can as well call the number l need real people just the way am for real, not **** ones

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  21. Nuel says

    Hi I hope I am lucky this time

    1. Patrick says

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  30. [email protected] says

    Hello Sugar Mummy
    i am from Bangladesh
    about me I am simple, funny straight forward parson.
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  32. Victor Okafor says

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  54. Nelson Barazi says

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